Yvette van Niekerk
Yvette van Niekerk is a “stay at home mom” who lives in Emalahleni, South Africa.  She has a Diploma in Ministry and Leadership; Christian Life Training.  She is a committed Christian and always gives of her very best.  She is married to Andus and lives with him and his two children.   She has three of her own children and three granddaughters. 

She published with Carpe Diem Media’ “Women who believe (Vroue wat glo)” an article in the publication 2014 and published a number of articles for an Insurance Company on their blog site.  She is an active member in her church teaching Sunday school.  She was a secretary and enjoyed writing reports and taking minutes. 

Yvette has a friendly disposition and loves Daily Devotionals.  She is constantly looking for something challenging and inspiring.  She is very passionate about the Word (Bible) and has been referred to as a Fanatic.  She constantly speaks of the Lord and will bring this into her conversations timely and untimely.  She is passionate about people and is constantly trying to improve her own life.  She struggles with dyslexia and has to constantly check her written articles.  Nothing is too great or too small from her point of view.  She dreams of being famous and travelling the world, winning souls for the Lord Jesus.

Each time you reach for this Daily Devotional, it is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will remove the veil from your eyes.  Each day you are reading, I pray that your wisdom and insight will increase and that a hunger and thirst will develop within you to dig deeper and grow spiritually.

The reason I named this Daily Devotional ‘Ebenezer’ was based on 1 Samuel 7 verse 12.  This reminds me of how many times God has come to my rescue, so many times.  I have prayed and interceded for so many people and have seen how the Lord rescues them.  Then one day I prayed asking Lord, ‘what about me’?  At the time I had completed half of my book and I wasn’t sure what to name it, then suddenly one morning in my quiet time I saw these words “Thus far has the LORD helped us.” 

I knew the LORD was speaking to me and in my heart, I must complete my work.  Be inspired and go for your dreams.
Daily Devotional Ebenezer

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