Into the Other
By  Livian Grey

By Michelle Fidalgo

Faced with imprisonment, Josie encounters a malignant man named Calder, who offers her a way out at a high price: she must give him her firstborn baby. Though Josie tries to break the deal, Calder returns to take what he claims is rightfully his.

Years pass as Josie’s child is raised by Calder in a realm called The Other. A twist of fate brings her child home, but Calder refuses to let Josie have her way when he returns to present her with a more harrowing choice.

Eric Marks, a sophomore starter for the Adams High Patriots, must accept math tutoring to keep playing as the team heads for the second round of the playoffs. Counselors choose Karelys Lopez, girlfriend of his rival Dave Pitts. When Eric finds that Dave has hit Karelys, Eric tries to convince her to leave him. Eric’s sister Belle, a track star, opts to take human growth hormone...

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