T.M. Wagenmaker
T. M. Wagenmaker is a husband, father and pastor in Wisconsin. He attended Calvin College (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and then graduated from Michigan Technological University (Houghton, Michigan) with a degree in Chemical Engineering. After working as an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry for some years he changed to serving as a pastor, having graduated from Westminster Seminary in California (Escondido, California) and then from Mid-America Reformed Seminary (Dyer, Indiana).

Being interested in theology and technology this book was a natural fit for him to write, but his children wonder where he comes up with his ideas.
Singularity and Survival
Not long from now an event changes human history: singularity, when a computer achieves “consciousness.” Unprepared for this event, humans must scramble to survive. This novella traces the Pitcher family’s quest for survival during the first week of this event, setting forth one possibility of what could happen. Man faces off against machine, but it isn’t brute force or cleverness that decides the outcome.
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