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MUST be publish-ready, meaning edited, proofread and polished.

All work must be original and free of copyright; have not been published before and the author has the rights to the work.
Please note the following information for filling out the submission form below:

1. Genre is the genre of the book; i.e. romance, mystery, science fiction, fantasy etc. A sub-genre is not needed for all genres, however, romance is one of the genres that will need a sub-genre. For example, if you are writing a fantasy romance, then Romance would be the genre and Fantasy would be the sub-genre.

For a list of our accepted genres, including those we do not accept, please read our FAQ .

2. The synopsis is a brief explanation about the story; something that could be used for the back of a book. The purpose is to provide the information that will entice and explain the story.

3. We are now accepting previously published books.


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