Reynold Conger
Reynold Conger is a retired scientist and teacher. He writes fiction by embellishing his imagination with his life experiences and with what he sees of life around him. Life can be stranger than fiction. Sometimes life experience enriches fiction.

Reynold's grandfather wanted Reynold to follow him into medicine. Instead, Reynold studied chemistry, working in the paper industry and teaching school. Most of the rest of the members of his family practice one or another of the medical arts. He also married a physical therapist. Even though he is the runt of a medical family, he has learned a lot about medicine by listening to family discussions.

Now retired, Reynold and his wife live in rural New Mexico where they live active lives including running and hiking. During one of his hikes in the mountains, he discovered two shallow gold mines.

Reynold has a good imagination but finds it interesting to supplement his imagination with real life experiences. He has had plenty of life experience, some of which was unusual.
Reducing Medical Costs ... at the cost of health
By Reynold Conger

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James, the patriarch of the Conway family is grief stricken when his wife dies, "How can a healthy woman die during hip replacement surgery?" James' younger brother, Charles, is an emergency room doctor. He wonders why hospital deaths among senior citizens have increased sharply. They suspect someone may be killing off patients to reduce the costs to Medicare and secondary insurers.

James falls in love. Days after his beloved is diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, she dies in her doctor's office, apparently due to an allergic reaction. The Conway family concludes that expensive patients are at risk.

Now James and Charles know too much. James has a torn tendon in his foot. Charles is a brittle diabetic, but they must flee. How can they survive the winter in the mountains? How will the medical examiner and the district attorney get the information they need to prosecute those suspected of murder?
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