R.T. Vermaak
R.T. Vermaak is a writer of dark fantasy. From a previously disadvantaged background, she had had a less than ideal upbringing during the apartheid era in South Africa - it was during this time that she honed her gift for penning to paper the stories and characters she writes about. She is mother to the smartest, most remarkable son in the world who inspires her every day.

The Wisdom of Sage is the first of a trilogy; keep an eye out for the second book of the trilogy: The TrinityThree.
The Wisdom of Sage
By R.T. Vermaak
Not too long ago, in a realm closer than most people are aware, Sage, one of the Trinity Three, surrounded by her angel, fairy and elemental guardians, is ready to ascend. It all began after her father passed away, when a meeting with the fairy prince; Petalstar, unlocks a gateway to portholes of esoteric truths, ultimately revealing her ancestry…her destined path.

When Sage is abducted by the Baobhan Sith, she soon realizes that they are not the only beings wanting to possess her … the question is why?
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