Pamela Hill
At the age of six, Pamela woke from a nightmare sparked from an argument with a childhood friend. She slipped from her blankets, sat by moonlight, and wrote an apology. The childish words on paper seemed to cast light through the darkness.

Pamela writes for pleasure in the evening. Her poetry and short stories can be found in various literary magazines, such as Ping Pong, Thrush, and other journals. During the day, she works for a law firm where a family of feral felines run wild on the property. Pamela assisted in a trap-neuter-return program several years ago, and as a result of the program, the sophisticated felines live in peace outside her office window.

Her law firm is the only law firm in town with a cat house. She is currently working on stories which incorporate her experiences with feral animals, some funny, some heartbreaking. She is also working on a story concerning the 'Festival of Beasts’ antagonist, who aroused moral distaste and contempt, a character with a fascinating past.  
Festival of Beasts
By Pamela Hill
Festival of Beasts is a mystery/action story. When circumstances at home become confusing, Amelia moves in with her half-sister, Perthena, to rest and regain strength after a miscarriage. While staying with her sister, Amelia tries incessantly but is unable to contact her husband, who is a museum curator and owner of the Old Stone Museum.

She is told by her husband’s secretary that he went to South America regarding business. Amelia is shocked and believes he is in trouble because he would never leave like that, not without talking to her. She cannot convince anyone that something is terribly wrong except his secretary who helps Amelia plan a trip to South America to search for him using the few clues he had left concerning his meeting. Upon arrival at a museum in South America, Amelia is kidnapped by a drug cartel.

Gabriel, a ten-year-old under the control of drug lords, attempts to save her. Gabriel’s plan is simple, yet brilliant and resourceful. Their stories fuse together under extreme pressure and become one of cunning, resilience, courage.