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Dying in June
By  Amy Magness

June Mackie is determined to be in charge of her own destiny. When she wakes in the hospital to find she has failed, once again, to kill herself, she devises an unshakable plan. June makes a plan to escape the flat Oklahoma landscape and head North, where a very particular mountain awaits her. However, when she meets Frank, her 33-year-old road companion with a thick British accent, dirty fingernails, and a complete lack of refinement, what she once viewed as her certain fate becomes skewed.   
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Fortunes of Blood
By V.M. Tackett

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Fortunes of Blood is a story of a man dealing with demons from his past that refuse to give him one moment of peace, so he decided to accept them, so he can go on with his life. But, a simple twist of fate gave him the opportunity to clear the slate, and to right the wrongs of the past, and to excise the demons that have haunted him for so long.

Mississippi Revival Roads
By Jason A. Beverly

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After receiving news that the cancer has spread and is incurable, Eddie Sullivan remains haunted by the tragic circumstances that have completely changed his life. Knowing that death is imminent, the retired police officer and his trusty canine, Baby embark on a mystical road trip of revival from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Mississippi Delta. Along the way, the pair notch a few items off the bucket list, mend fractured relationships, and visit some historical sights. Despite a few challenges and supernatural occurrences, the duo reaches the final destination just before death appears.

Sweet on Death
By E. Lynn Cormic

Herta Tanner is back and she’s taking lessons on mental self-control from a Tiele teacher as well as herding two Tiel apprentices. At least, she is until she’s accused of murder, smuggling and kidnapping. To add injury to insult, Herta must find a good reason, or several, for the Gates to be kept open between Tielen and Earth. If she doesn’t, her job as Der Reizen is ended and Tiel could die. A former love interest offers a vital clue. Can they solve the riddle of the diary in time?
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The Pickup Guy
By Thornton Cline with Tyler Wootton

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Struggling, 17-year-old, college student, Jason Sears is juggling time between classes, studying, pleasing his demanding girlfriend while picking up suicides, DOA’s, and dismembered corpses twenty-four seven for Burns Brothers Funeral Home. Jason’s drawn into the shady, unscrupulous dealings of the owner’s son, Chad Burns. Jason’s studies are going down the toilet. His relationship with Savannah is in jeopardy. He faces the dilemma of whether to quit the funeral business; or to continue down the dark path of destruction, losing Savannah and doing prison time.