Mary-Jean Harris
Mary-Jean Harris writes fantasy and historical fiction, both novels and short stories. She has a passion for writing fantasy and likes to incorporate philosophy, particularly ancient philosophy, in her writing. Her stories have been published in anthologies and websites such as the Tesseracts anthologies, Polar Expressions, Allegory Ezine, and SciPhi Journal. Mary-Jean is also a student at the University of Victoria in Canada studying theoretical physics, and she has a Masters degree from the Perimeter Institute.

Although computers are necessary in both writing and physics, she often wishes that computers and other such electronics didn’t exist. She always writes her stories by hand first, filling up many notebooks or making large stacks of paper. She has a poodle and rabbit and hopes to have a Bernese Mountain Dog someday. Meanwhile, her life-size stuffed animal of a Bernese will have to do. She lives in Ottawa, Canada and has travelled to England, Scotland, France, and Peru, and hopes to travel to many other places with old castles and beautiful places to hike and explore. She loves to run, hike, and be outside all the time, which includes sitting outside in cold weather to read or write. The books Mary-Jean likes to read best are fantasy, classics, historical fiction, and philosophy. If she had to choose, her favourites would probably be Mary Stewart’s Merlin Trilogy and Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo.

By Mary-Jean Harris
Long ago, during Archangel Lucifer’s attempt to usurp Heaven, he sequestered the angelic part of his spirit into a jewel. This spirit, after falling to Earth and becoming trapped in a chalice, later becomes known as the Sangreal, or the Holy Grail.

Throughout its time on Earth, the Sangreal observes humanity and waits for an enlightened human to return it to Heaven. However, after a millennium passes, Lucifer decides to regain the Sangreal to make another attempt to conquer Heaven. In Britain in the Middle Ages, Lucifer conceives a son with a human woman who he plans to sway to retrieve the Sangreal. The boy is named Merlin.

Michael too conceives a child with a human, a daughter named Nimue who he hopes will befriend Merlin and turn him away from evil. Although their powers and motivations are quite different, the lives of Merlin and Nimue converge with the Sangreal, initiating a legendary age with these half-Archangels working magic in the shadows. Yet Lucifer, as well those under his influence, threaten the Sangreal’s attempts to return to Heaven, along with imperiling the lives of countless others ensnared in his plots.
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