Jill Hand
Jill Hand taught herself to read when she was three and has been doing it ever since, generally going through two or three books a week. She lives in New Jersey and writes all the time, mostly horror, fantasy, science fiction and speculative fiction. When she's not writing she's doing research for her next story.

Solid research builds the foundation for a good story, as she learned when she stumbled on the real-life story of a mysterious blue horse that belonged to an eccentric English aristocrat who married a circus performer. That became the basis for The Blue Horse, her time travel novella from Kellan Publishing.

The Blue Horse
By Jill Hand
Rosina Bevan works for The Travel Agency, a powerful twenty-fourth
century business that transports paying customers back in time. The
Agency also retrieves valuable items from the past and occasionally
rescues people who otherwise would have met an unfortunate end, like Rosina, a Victorian young lady who almost died in a railway accident,and her boyfriend, Ned York, who was imprisoned in the Tower of London by his uncle, Richard III.

Rosina, Ned, and their co-worker, Olga, are tasked with going back to 1863 and getting a hairless blue horse from Africa belonging to the eccentric and fabulously wealthy Earl of Stamford. They have competition from an American millionaire, whom Rosina suspects isn't who he claims to be. If they succeed, they'll please the Agency's most important client and possibly bring a subspecies of zebra back from extinction.  If they fail, they'll be in serious trouble.
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