Jenni Arnold
This story started when I was a child (every story I have ever written began when I was a child.) because my sister would not let me be the hero when we played together. She wanted to be the hero and she was older. Logic like that makes sense only to the young. I figured that a story should have more than one hero. The bad guy has minions, so the good guys should be a team too! My sister didn’t always agree but I have always been more stubborn than she. Each story needed a host of characters. As I grew, the stories got more complex and often needed more characters.

The seven kingdoms got their start in my playroom and jungle gym, but the stories stayed with me in college, when I started writing them down. Short stories were sent to different children's magazines and some were published but most found their way into my desk drawers. I added to the short stories and ended up with a 60,000-word novel!

I hope to continue adding to the short stories from my playroom and writing many more novels.

Three Towers
To be released: February 24, 2019
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By Jenni Arnold
"There is only one way to save everything you love: Find the Three Towers before the red comet falls."

The Bard of Sron gives this prediction to three people who could not be more different; a star-crossed princess, a rebellious fisherman, and an honor-bound knight; but two things connect each of them: a bard and a tower.

A red star becomes a commit and is seen day and night. Each of the six kingdoms knows that the star is a sign but none of them know what. Rulers each reach out to different prophets and soothsayers, looking for answers. Only one prophet claims to have answers and that is the Bard of Sron. Legends say that the Three Towers still exist but no one can get to it. Sensible people all claim that the Towers must have fallen into ruin long ago.
Old eyes reveal the ancient magic. The bard gathers three of the strongest magic-users together and bribes, threatens and cojoles them into joining the quest for the Three Towers.

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