Jason Russell
A published novelist and magazine editor, Jason Russell has been producing literature for as long as he can remember. His science fiction short story collection, Existent, can be found on Kindle and he is currently working intently on the second part of the Rogues Academy Saga. He resides in Western NY where unnaturally long winters aid in his ability to develop (and escape to) fantastical worlds.
Rogues Academy Saga
By Jason Russell
In a land where men are divided by region and fealty, dark forces brew in secret while rumor of the eminent return of the ancient Shadow Armies is carried in whisper. At the heart of the conflict lie twin brothers who were raised on separate and opposing paths. Forced to come together after the death of their beloved father, the brothers soon discover that their separation in youth may have had to do with more than mere politics as they had been taught.

Together, with remnants of their father’s mercenary academy, they embark upon a magnificent journey from their home in the south to the frigid northern wastelands bordering the realm beyond civilized man’s domain while unraveling layers of mystery and myth along the way. Rogues Academy is rife with political conflict, ancient betrayals, and supernatural forces long considered fragments of a storyteller’s imagination.

Beginning in the southern outpost town of Boulderane, a series of mysterious murders leaves the King Andreas in search of retribution against the barbaric neighboring ogre tribes. Despite the wishes of his counselors, the king sets off to declare war on the savages and realizes his folly only after it’s too late. Eric, one of the twins and son of the founder of the Rogues Academy finds himself being dragged along into the heat of the conflict when the king requests his presence on the campaign personally.

Untrained, inexperienced, and alone, Eric soon discovers that his sheltered life has done little to prepare him for life beyond the city’s gates and even less so for the ravages of war. Fortunately, his twin brother is out there somewhere and like all members of the Rogues Academy, he swears allegiance to no king
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