Jason A. Beverly
Jason A. Beverly is a Mississippi author who often incorporates the use of tradition, history, urban legends, folklore, and supernatural elements in his stories to provide intimate glimpses into the fictional lives of black folks in the South. He has a strong appreciation for small towns, tree-lined streets, and the word, “though.” Ernest J. Gaines is his biggest literary influence but Jason also strives to follow in the footsteps of Mississippi authors such as John Grisham, Kathryn Stockett, and Willie Morris.

After graduating from high school in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Jason continued his studies at the University of Southern Mississippi where he received his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. He went on to work in television, radio, and print media, which unexpectedly introduced him to the world of higher education.

Jason currently works as an administrator for a college in South Mississippi. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, writing, watching movies, and keeping up with Southern Miss sports. In addition to Mississippi Revival Roads, he is also the author of The Flying Church of Orleans Parish and Ghosts of Beauvoir: A Supernatural Journey of Self-Discovery.
Mississippi Revival Roads
By Jason A. Beverly
After receiving news that the cancer has spread and is incurable, Eddie Sullivan remains haunted by the tragic circumstances that have completely changed his life. Knowing that death is imminent, the retired police officer and his trusty canine, Baby, embark on a mystical road trip of revival from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Mississippi Delta. Along the way, the pair notch a few items off the bucket list, mend fractured relationships and visit some historical sights.

In the master bathroom of their mid-eighties, ranch-style house, Eddie opens up to his wife, Carol, about his struggles with alcohol. He makes amends with his son, Evan, on a basketball court in Starkville. At a small café in downtown Oxford, Edward ends the stalemate with his daughter, Gracie, while they dance by the jukebox. He reconnects with his estranged father, Edward, in a Catholic church on the outskirts of Greenville. Despite a few challenges and supernatural occurrences during the journey, Eddie and Baby reach their final destination just before death appears.

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