Enjoy free books in all genres from our talented authors. These short stories are between 10,000 and 15,000 words and are mostly prequels to one of our books.

Another Los Angeles Night
by Richard Phillip Hoffman

Nor Yet a Foreign Skipper
by Jill Hand

In a sequel to The Blue Horse , about the adventures of the employees of a mysterious twenty-fourth century time-travel business, intrepid time travelers Jim and Rosina journey back in time to 1893 in an attempt to rescue Rosina’s younger sister from the clutches of a madman.
Prequel to Clan of Midnight

Shot in the back, left for dead, surrounded by hostile rioters, and being operated on by a vampire surgeon is just the beginning of the Magician David Zane’s long night. Trapped in the center of Los Angeles during the 1992 Los Angeles riots he must escort a magician noblewoman across its fiery center while simultaneously being hunted down by some of its most psychotic vampire around along with other trained magicians in order to same himself and his companion.

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The Final Conflict: The Beginnings of the Historian
by Colin Duffy

The Saint of the Storms
by Cecily Sol

Prequel to The Final Conflict
A fantasy romance short story that takes you into the underwater world of the merfolk.

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The Wedding
by  Charlene Mattson

Trick or Treat
by  Kellan Publishing Authors

The Wedding takes place between The Curious Case of Prince Charming and The Glass Slipper Conspiracy. It’s a small case for William, but I think one or two seeds of how he behaves in Book 2 and later on are planted here. In this case, William Tenys is asked by a nervous groom to investigate his wife to be, with an eight-hour deadline! As usual, things are not what they seem and happily ever after isn’t as easy as that.
A collection of flash fiction horror stories - perfect for Halloween!
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We Should Have Expected This
by Reynold Conger

Dr. Michael Conway is a cardiologist, who along with other medical professionals in his family, is concerned that Medicare has begun to deny preapproval for treatments of some patients. It also that Medicare is preparing to deny medications to certain patients. Then elderly patients begin to die without explanation, including some of Michael's patients. The pathologist suspects some have been murdered.
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