Embe Charpentier
Embe Charpentier keeps busy by seeking the threads of wisdom woven into the fabric of life. She received her BA’s from the University of Rhode Island, an M.S.W. from Rhode Island College, and an Ed.S in Instructional Technology from Valdosta State. She teaches high school English as a Second Language in metro Atlanta. Since teaching isn’t merely a job but a lifestyle choice, Embe prioritizes mentoring her students, developing teaching materials and methods to promote improved writing skills, and crafting her own fiction.

Diversity in genre and length and an interest in multiculturalism define her work. Three of her stories have been included in a Y.A. anthology series that focuses on the Seven Deadly Sins. Her work has been featured in over twenty online/ print journals, including the Indianola Review, Poydras Review, and Polychrome Ink. She enjoys crafting hundred word stories as much as she does longer pieces.  

"I enjoy writing flash fiction. Composing stories of one thousand words trains a writer to refine a tale down to its essence.”

Beloved Dead

Ghost Micajah “Cage” Aldrich enters and animates a sculpted male figure in art student Imogen’s Mortensen’s studio. After staggering away, Cage locates his only allies: Sabine, a psychic, and her husband Regent Johnson. Yet he feels cannot complete the adjustment to his new life unless he tells Imogen the truth.

Despite his attraction to Imogen, the obsession for revenge consumes Cage. In 1819, Genevieve Vetivier, a supernatural creature called a “boo-hag”, ordered him drowned and condemned him to a ghostly existence after he witnessed her power. Her body’s muscles could loosen from her skin. Cage travels to the site of his murder, the House with the Falchion Gate. After re-experiencing his death, his vendetta grows, as does his yearning for Imogen.

Genevieve, now named Christine, preserved her beauty over two centuries by killing and stealing the skins of young runaways. Christine plans to slay her adopted daughter Lucy and assume her identity. Cage befriends Lucy and convinces her of Christine’s plot. He, Lucy and Imogen catch Christine unaware, and desiccate the skinless hag with salt.
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Eric Marks, a sophomore starter for the Adams High Patriots, must accept math tutoring to keep playing as the team heads for the second round of the playoffs. Counselors choose Karelys Lopez, girlfriend of his rival Dave Pitts. When Eric finds that Dave has hit Karelys, Eric tries to convince her to leave him.

Eric’s sister Belle, a track star, opts to take human growth hormone. The Patriots play crosstown rivals Northside; though they win in a squeaker, Dave fights and is lost to the team for the final game. Center Clyde Williams, who has been taking steroids, must do without them and is not one hundred percent. Eric realizes that, despite his youth, he must step up and take a leadership role.

During the state championship game, Adams battles Winchester and wins the state championship. Though Eric does not win Karelys, he feels pride in what he and his team have achieved.
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