Christopher S. Allen
Christopher S. Allen was born on April 22, 1991. He is a graduate of Concord University and he currently lives in Nutter Fort, West Virginia. Christopher S. Allen began writing novels and short stories for publication at the age of 18 and received his first publication at the age of 21. On the days he is not writing, you can either find him fly fishing, on a cross state adventure, at the pub with a few mates, or simply trying to hone his song writing and guitar playing skills.There are always other projects and undertakings that he is involved with, but he prefers to keep them off the radar until it is time for the reveal.
By Christopher S. Allen
The Traveler of the South, as he has become known to some, is a modern day travelling musician. A bluesman who plays small bars to concert halls. Always sought after and hard to come by, not many know much about the mysterious drifter other than his signature sound and enigmatic personality. Perhaps it’s best they don’t, because bluesmen know trouble, and evil is never too far from their trail. For this bluesman, evil has shadowed him since he began to play the blues, drawn by siren song. It’s a life of enjoyment on stage, and a nightmare off of it.
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