Cheryle L. Linturn
Cheryle L. Linturn is an author/artist and graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting. She’s won various Editor’s choice awards with her poetry, including publication in several anthologies. Her poetry has taken 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place in various types of competitions. Loving poetry has given her a different perspective to writing novels. After publishing several poetry books her favorite one is based on a darker perspective and titled Winter’s Chill. This selection of poetry approaches a deeper meaning hidden between the lines.

Being in love with any form of writing Cheryle Linturn has written songs that have made it to publishers and she has received three ribbons for her songwriting skills. She attributes this ability to jump from many genres to her artistic nature. Developing this artistic instinct led her to design and build sets for Children’s Theater. Being a lover of things that go bump in the night she enjoyed designing and constructing haunted houses for various schools and businesses.

If she has time she prefers to write with a pencil and paper first. Her empathic energy can release it first on paper and then try to hone it in when typing. Cheryle feels things deeply and believes that allows her to be open to supernatural experiences. These experiences were first put into poetry, and freed up opportunities to expand these into fictitious novels. The imagination knows no boundaries.

She doesn’t believe in writer’s block. ‘There’re are too many things that surround us. Too many variables for creativity. A story can start with a pencil, a glass of water, a cloud, a sound, a smell, a soft velvet blanket and end up an exploding supernova across the universe. We are only limited when we’re dead. Wake up and live!’

Writing stories with her grandchildren opened her eyes to the world of imagination. She started when they were young and they would add to her stories and before they could write they were taking the pencil from her hand and scribbling their stories on paper. They’d title it and sign it. ‘Children uninhibited creativity! No one has yet told them they couldn’t do it.’

Cheryle L. Linturn has published one children’s book, but has many on the shelf waiting for her play. She’s ghostwritten a complete fantasy trilogy that’s been published and looks forward to having her own published fantasy trilogy. Fantasy and mystery are two of her favorite things to write about.

She is surrounded by nature in rural Indiana where she lives with her writer husband and will continue to check the woods in the night for shadows, and listen for unusual bumps in the dark while noticing smells that don’t belong where they sometimes end up.

Vanishing Blue
Claire O’Leary was an intelligent woman who lived in Boston, Massachusetts, but because of a genetic ability to feel and hear things that, quite frankly, weren’t from this world, her life was unusual, chaotic and sometimes terrifying. Although, she understood that the world was made up of many variables it didn’t make it any easier when she was dealing with spirits, shadows and links to unnatural horrific creatures that went bump in the night. Okay, maybe that should be reworded to evil creatures that attacked in the night.

Claire didn’t pay much attention to ghosts that confronted her daily, until Gabe Walden, writer and love of her life, decided to take a bike ride in the country and found himself lost. That’s when he discovered a little town called Hanover, changing their lives forever when he’d encountered a spirit of a little girl he called “Vanishing Blue.”

Vanishing Blue was linked to Gabe’s past and a key to his future. A future that grew bleaker by the moment after he learned the spirit of his great-grandmother, Maureen Flannigan wanted him dead. It was incomprehensible to Gabe and quickly turned into Claire’s worst nightmare when she finally called on Stan Bradley, Gabe’s friend and agent. Stan had the ability to sense energy in things he touched while bringing humor into dark situations. Together they battled the evil forces bent on eliminating Gabe’s bloodline, but could they succeed while an unknown entity moved against Claire disrupting her concentration and posing a life-threatening situation to her very soul?

Time wasn’t on her side as she raced forward in a mad struggle for Gabe’s life, and in the process worried she might lose Stan’s life, as well.

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