Bryan Genesse
As a successful writer, actor, and producer working in Hollywood, Bryan starred in the television series Street Justice, the CBS soap opera The Bold and Beautiful, and in numerous feature films, with several of his action scripts turned into movies. After being injured on a set in Romania, Bryan switched from penning screenplays to scribing novels. Focused for the past ten years on writing books, TEENDOM is the first in a series of adventures he is excited to share with readers and fans from all over the world.

Like much of Bryan’s life, his characters are overflowing with angst, deeply flawed, but clutching a roll of duct tape screaming, “the glass is half-full” when it's obviously shattered with water pouring all over the floor. Originally from Canada, Bryan traveled to the States at nineteen to pursue his dreams. Married for over 20 years to his lovely wife, Brooke, they are blessed with two children and too many pets.

Battle for Father Earth's Templum
Two Earths. One Coward. New Rule: Killing Humans Allowed … Sixteen-year-old, Jack Kigam is a self-proclaimed chicken. And entirely confident he has finally lost his mind. Where space folds into time, another Earth exists: Father Earth, and each year, 365 “normal” teenagers are recruited to Father Earth’s battle-realm, Teendom, where they compete to become Templum, the proprietor and protector of humanity’s collective soul. On his sixteenth birthday, Jack crosses over to this fantastical world, too. But Jack is anything but normal.

Tormented by fears, doubts, and “bad thoughts” caused by his ongoing battle with OCD, Jack must challenge impossible beings, fight in unbelievable competitions, and win each time … because every battle is real, and one loss means goodbye.

Along with his bizarre yet faithful pet - who wants to be human, and just might be at times - Jack will be tested across worlds. As his sanity shreds and the impossible happens, this reluctant teen must decide between two impossible choices: stay and fight for both Earths' survival or run away and kill the human race. Can an unhinged teenage coward -humanity’s last real hope - become both Earths’ most powerful hero?
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