Billy Pepitone
Billy Pepitone is a retired member of the New York City Police Department, having served twenty years in the nation’s largest local law enforcement agency. During his decorated career, the Brooklyn, New York native was a first responder to numerous high profile incidents, including both World Trade Center attacks. Upon his retirement he co-wrote the novel 'Soul of a Yankee' with his brother Joseph, and the two have collaborated on three novels and several award winning independent films. Billy resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife Jo Anne, an active police sergeant, their daughters Cynthia, Layla and Talia and their German Shepherd, Rambo.

Joseph Pepitone  (Contributor)
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Joseph Pepitone is a two-time Emmy Award winning writer and producer. The St. Johns University graduate has been a senior writer for several major television networks, and has captured numerous industry awards for his work. Joseph has also written and directed several award winning independent films. He resides in southern New Jersey with his wife Christine and their two children, Kyle and Allison.
By Billy Pepitone
The small, bucolic beach town of Starfall, New Jersey has been awoken from its winter slumber by the discovery of several mutilated bodies crudely buried in public, shallow graves. The only link appears to be Steve Borden, a brilliant criminal defense attorney running his father’s law firm. Jim Orkin, the local police chief and one-time national hero, leads the manhunt for the elusive murderer dubbed ‘The Gravedigger.’

Borden declares his innocence as he continues to make his living defending the indefensible. Fighting the haunting memories of a case gone horribly wrong, Borden’s conscience begins to send him into a guilt-ridden spiral. Orkin’s own inner demons and ties to local crime boss and childhood friend Charlie Muzzatti threaten the success of the investigation. With more bodies turning up and public sentiment swinging in favor of the brutal killer, Orkin must deal with his eroding sense of integrity to keep both sides of the law off his back as he, too, battles a ghost from his past.

Codes, morals and misguided views of justice collide when the law, the mob and the Gravedigger face off in a bloody battle that will darken the survivor's souls forever. But will burying the guilty allow each to finally bury their guilt?
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Lake of Fire
By Billy Pepitone
Christian Locke has fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a New York City Police Officer, following in his late father’s footsteps.  However, not everyone shares his passion, as his loved ones fear he will meet the same fate as his father over two decades earlier.

Nick Simeone, a former narcotics detective, leaves a trail of blood wherever he goes, acting as judge, jury and executioner for victims in search of justice. Under the guidance of Michael Jorgenson, the powerful NYPD Chief of Detectives, Simeone brings comfort and retribution to those not afforded closure by a weak judicial system in exchange for a hefty payday.

Neither man knows the other, yet they are bound by a nightmare that continuously haunts each of them; a peaceful, tranquil lake, suddenly consumed by a blinding, raging fire.

When gang members tied to his father’s death are violently murdered, Christian sets out to find the truth, while trying to clear both his and his late father’s name. Meanwhile, Simeone is struggling to cope with the morality of the death and destruction he has caused, his weakening resolve placing him squarely in the crosshairs of a very dangerous man.
The lives of both men will collide and the truth will be revealed as the smoke clears off the Lake of Fire.
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