Amy Magness
Amy Magness is the author of Dying in June as well as many musings and ramblings located all over the internet (you shouldn’t have to dig too far). Dying in June is one of many novels Amy hopes to complete during her lifetime. Writing is not her calm, but her storm before the calm, rather. It is the way in which she not only finds peace but appreciates it.

Amy was born in Galveston, Texas in 1974 and was raised in Orange, Texas and Baytown, Texas. She has never strayed too far from home, though she does love to travel for the occasional new taste.

When Amy isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her two mischievous Great Danes and her devilishly handsome husband, or she’s eagerly canceling plans with one of her very few, (very understanding) friends.

Before writing Dying in June, Amy wrote for several online political newspapers while going to school to get her Bachelor’s Degree. She graduated from Columbia College in 2017 with a degree in History (which she is quite aware will get her nowhere except maybe a job as a Civil War reenactor).

Dying in June
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Release date: August 22, 2018
By Amy Magness
On a lifelong journey to meet and conquer death, 19-year-old June Mackie is determined to be in charge of her own destiny. When she wakes in the hospital to find she has failed, once again, to die her strong-will to follow through takes over and she devises a surefire plan. June decides to find a way to get to Montana where she can fall from Chief Mountain, and for the last time, succeed in meeting death.

When she meets Frank, her 33-year-old road companion with a thick British accent, dirty fingernails, and a complete lack of refinement, what she once viewed as her certain destiny becomes skewed. Keeping her reason for the trip a secret, June soon learns that Frank has also been hiding a secret-- one that will determine the fate of each of them. When June is forced to make a new decision, meeting death will no longer be as easy as she hoped. Edgy, suspenseful, and strangely romantic, Dying in June captures the essence of new love, selflessness, and sacrifice.

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