Alan R. Graham
Alan is a semi-retired wildlife photographer and filmmaker (simply because it is impossible to retire altogether from taking pictures of beautiful creatures). Over the years his articles with images have been published in various national and international prints, including BBC Wildlife Magazine, Landrover Owner International and Travel Africa. His work has taken him worldwide where he is usually to be found on a coral reef, up a tree or hanging out of a helicopter. His documentary material – to which he also writes the narrative – has been aired across the UK, most notably "The Affairs of Hares", a 50 minute feature filmed entirely on location in the wilds of Devon, between 1997-2000.

He is English, though resides in Belize at present. He runs a wildlife rehab' and release sanctuary in tropical forests far from civilization, though soon to retire from this very exhausting and sticky lifestyle. Two of his novellas have recently been accepted for publication and a full length novel is in the works. The fictional characters he writes about come from flirtations with reality and personal experience, churning romance or love always a major element in the story, whether a psychological thriller or science fiction. Would you believe the real inspiration for his novella " Right of Human " was a coatimundi?

Alan is fascinated by writing style and continually strives to invigorate this art-form, whether it be with hyper-fiction threads leading to different outcomes or dropping narrative in favor of dialogue driven plots.
Right of Human - Revoked
The headquarters of ASL, an enemy organization bent on destroying human life beyond Earth, has been covertly infiltrated by a highly sophisticated military android named Coggi. Her creator and AI code analyst, Alexandra Minkowski, fired for disobeying orders many years prior, loves Coggi dearly and wants her back.

Now Alexandra must gather together her crew of ex-colleagues in an attempt to rescue Coggi. But it will not be by conventional means. Xandra will side with the enemy – do a deal with them - hack her own military command center from within ASL HQ to find out where Coggi is and then extract her. Meanwhile, all of Coggi's memories have been wiped by the military, she is a walking time bomb, and it will take all their experience to regain Coggi's trust.

The task of persuading Coggi she is indeed human is left to one person, a bi-gender named Paighton. After many weeks of trial and error, finally he breaks through and in so doing they fall in love. Now for the hard part: Taking back control of Coggi and escaping without military command finding out – and it all goes down to the wire with hellish consequences.
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Right of Human
Alexandra is an AI code analyst who has been developing an android named Coggi for over ten years. Though they have never met, Xandra loves Coggi dearly, regarding her as her own little sister. Coggi considers herself human, has no idea of Xandra's existence, until the awful day comes when she must be told the truth.

A threat is exposed after technicians on board an orbiting space station where Xandra works discover the android personnel of their research facility on the planet's surface below have all malfunctioned. Someone has hacked the facility's network and is trying to gain access to the higher tiers. Galactic terrorism! The Orbiter crew has only one recourse: To set a trap for the hacker, using one of the androids as bait.

Coggi was chosen because of her intuitive nature, her curiosity often getting her in trouble. Yet, of all the androids, she has the best chance of surviving the truth. Xandra must confront her, is now faced with a horrendous challenge: To save humanity or instead destroy her own sister while trying.
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