Kellan Publishing (KP) is privately owned and operated. Kelli Ballard, the owner and publisher of the company, had a dream where authors could come together under one ‘roof’ and work together to get their works published. As a writer herself, she was tired of all of the publishing companies that either wouldn’t take a chance on a new or unpublished author, or those unscrupulous companies that charge authors to have their books published. And so, Kellan Publishing was born.

KP is about the author and the fans. We like to publish new works that have never before been published – even on an author’s own website. Our works are inspired, creative, unique and provide hours of reading enjoyment. Our authors are friendly, talented and eager to please their fans. We are a community of authors and fans here, and we strive to keep that community growing strong and enjoyable.

KP is not about making huge profits from our authors or readers. This was perhaps the biggest reason Kelli started Kellan Publishing. Unlike most publishing companies, we pay our authors royalties at 50 percent of our net profits (most pay on average about 35 percent).

Our books are available in PDF, eBook and print formats in our bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Kellan Publishing and we hope you enjoy the many wonderful books by our talented authors here. Please feel free to leave us a message or comment on our page or via email to [email protected]